Prepare your mind; it is in our destiny to live in peace...

What is The Rainbow Bridge?
The Rainbow Bridge: Universal Book of Living, Dying and Dreaming illuminates the common ground in all of the world's major religions in less than 200 pages. It distills the heart of all religions into an easy to read, simple book that has been translated into 23 languages by an amazing team of volunteers located around the world.

The Rainbow Bridge is an exciting global project whose goal is to facilitate the emergence of a global wisdom-based culture of peace, and to bridge the gap between war and peace. The primary intention is to bring together large numbers of people worldwide, to resolve our mutual challenges through peaceful means, conversation, dialogue and diplomacy. A prototype of The Rainbow Bridge Board Game has been created and is being test piloted in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our plans also include a series of books based on the universal principles illuminated in The Rainbow Bridge, a call-in television program, an interactive web site and much more. Check our our Public Service Announcement which has been airing on San Francisco cable television channel 29 for the past several years.

Where Does The Rainbow Bridge Lead?
The Rainbow Bridge will help lead humanity from our current world of poverty and violence to a wisdom-based global culture of unprecedented peace, harmony and abundance. It is a bridge from war to peace.

It is also a bridge from our heads to our hearts and from our selves to our higher selves.

Who Created The Rainbow Bridge?
The Rainbow Bridge was produced by Brent Hunter at Spirit Rising Productions. The Rainbow Bridge is operated through The Rainbow Bridge Foundation, a program of International Humanities Center, a non-profit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code.













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