Some Praise for The Rainbow Bridge:

"The Rainbow Bridge is an innovative book about living in peace and dying with honor. A must read book for people of all faiths."

— Dr. Arun Gandhi, Founder/Director, M. K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence, and grandson of Mahatma Gandhi.

"From the beginning of time all we've ever wanted is to love and be loved, and from the beginning of time all we've ever done on this planet is make it nearly impossible to experience our highest desire. That is because we have imagined in our illusions that one of us is somehow better than another. This idea of "betterness" has created divisions between religions, between cultures, between people and between nations. The idea is also a false thought, directly contradicting the greatest teaching of all religions in the world which, put into one sentence, reduces itself to a simple truth: We are all one. The Rainbow Bridge, a wonderful little treasure conceived by Brent Hunter, is a demonstration of that truth that you can hold in your hand. Once held in your hand, you will hold it in your heart as well and it will illumine your soul."

— Neale Donald Walsh, author of the five-book series Conversations With God (Books 1, 2 and 3), Friendship with God and Communion with God.

“Diversity in religion, spirituality and culture is an unqualified good for humanity.  Gandhi said in his time that ‘The friendly study of other religions is the sacred duty of each one of us’. Now more than ever we need to become experts of the major traditions of spirituality and religion.  To do so will allow our collective understanding to see the common ground we all stand on in our various faiths.  Brent Hunter is a person with a mission to spread the acceptance of pluralism around the world.  His book, The Rainbow Bridge, is a gem reflecting rays of wisdom from all the traditions of the religions, pointing to the common ground among us.  We must learn to be comfortable on this bridge because it is our future.”

— Brother Wayne Teasdale, Ph.D., author of The Mystic Heart: Discovering a Universal Spirituality in the World’s Religions

“This profound gem is packed with a deep well of insights and wisdom. Communicating in a heartfelt way, with a clear desire to unify humanity, Brent Hunter gives us a roadmap to the conscious evolution of humanity. A book to carry, consult often and give away to all those you care about.”

— Elisabet Sahtouris, Ph.D., author of EarthDance

“Here is a potent selection of Life-Charging thoughts.”

— Jean Houston, Ph.D., author of The Possible Human, Manual for the Peacemaker and A Mythic Life

The Rainbow Bridge is soul food, a bit of nourishment for the Spirit that can be read over and over again. The Rainbow Bridge packs quite a wallop!”

— John Renesch, author of Getting to the Better Future: A Matter of Conscious Choosing

The Rainbow Bridge is a pocketful of inspiration!" (endorsement refers to the original pocket Collector's edition)

— Angeles Arrien, Ph.D., Cultural Anthropologist and author of The Four-Fold Way and Signs of Life

The Rainbow Bridge is a great service to people in the work toward transition and consciousness."

— Lynn Andrews, author of Medicine Woman and Tree of Dreams

"I highly recommend The Rainbow Bridge to everyone who cares about living meaningfully and making a difference in our troubled world. It is an inspiring book, focusing on important universal principles. At one level it is a book about our shared experiences of living, dying and dreaming. At another level, it is a book about responsibility for ourselves, each other and the world. The Rainbow Bridge is filled with hope and simple wisdom in the tradition of Lao Tzu that one can return to again and again."

Dr. David Krieger, Founder and President of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, and author of many books including Hope in a Dark Time



















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